Three Tips to Help You Create Content Faster

Three Tips to Help You Create Content Faster

If you feel you’re not creating enough content, you are not alone. Many people struggle with time and energy need to write good content. Here are three tips to help you create more content in less time.

Meeting the demand for great content is not always easy. You may feel stuck when it comes to coming up with interesting ideas. Or, you may find yourself staring at a blank page without writing a single word. Knowing what the audience wants is another challenge you may face. If any of that sounds like you, here are three tips to get you going.

Recycle your best ideas

A good content topic should be reused several times. It’s best that you find 3 – 10 ways to write about each topic. This will save you from having to constantly find new ideas. Your audience will also appreciate the additional insights you’ll provide.

For instance, you can write an article about the mistakes people make in your industry. You can then create additional content that details each solution. Chances are that you’ll come up with even more ideas while writing.

Create outlines

Creating outlines can speed up your writing process. For one thing, outlines help you avoid staring at a blank page. Plus, you get a clear idea of what your content should be about.

Making an outline is a simple process. Write down the main points you want to share. A couple of words or phrases are more than enough. The outline is your personal tool so don’t worry if anybody else will understand it.

Another advantage of an outline is that you don’t need all the information to get started. For example, you may know enough to write one section. You can get that section done. Later research the remainder of the content. In other words, an outline shows you what pieces of the puzzle you need. You can then fill the gaps in a way that works best for you.

Look for unanswered questions in your marketplace

When you’re short of ideas, online discussion forums are your best friend. All you need to do is to look at what questions come up the most. This will show you what your market is looking for.  You will gain some confidence that what you write will be appreciated. If you participate in the discussion you’ll also get more clarity about what people are looking for. 

You’ll know that you’ve found a great topic when people start asking you for more details. Take all feedback, even if it seems negative. In many cases, the fact that people are frustrated about a topic is a good sign. It shows that they care about it and are more likely to read the content you create.

The most important thing is to start writing. You don’t want to miss the opportunities that content marketing gives you. Even if you don’t get results straight away, keep going. With consistent effort, you will start to gain traction. As long as you don’t give up, you will find a way to make your content work. And when it does work, you’ll make so much money you’ll be glad you stayed in the game!

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