How to Convert your Web Traffic into Sales

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When operating a business that sells a product or service online, your website’s total visitor numbers are not necessarily the most important statistic to look at. Instead, you should be examining how many of those visitors turn into paying customers. If you believe you could or should be converting a greater percentage of your visitors into sales, this article will show you how you can do just that.H

When analyzing the performance of your website, it can be tempting to fixate on the number of visitors that are flocking to your little corner of the internet. However, from a business perspective, the much more interesting statistic is how many of these visitors eventually become paying customers.

If you feel like your conversion rate is a little low, you can make use of the following tips to give it a little boost:

Know Your Audience 

Run a marketing study on the reasons people visit your site. Which keywords work best? How much time do they spend on each page? Optimize your content to the keywords that bring the most traffic and lead to sales.

Useful tools include KeywordTool.io (for market studies) and BuzzSumo (to find the best topics on social networks, authors or websites).

Be Faster 

Did you know that every for every second it takes a website to load there is a seven percent decrease in conversion rate? Google recommends that websites load with the same speed it takes them to deliver the search results. 

You can improve your speed by compressing your images and using as few plugins as possible. You can monitor your progress with Google’s free PageSpeed Insights tool.

Use Landing Pages

Sending visitors to your home page isn’t as effective as sending them to a custom landing page. You can create a custom landing page for a specific group of keywords. 

Segmenting your traffic like this isn’t just good for conversions. It is also a way to get valuable data on your customers that you can use for AdWords and social media marketing campaigns.


Some of your visitors may not feel comfortable purchasing your product or service the first time they come to your website. They may want to shop around first or they may not have decided that they actually need what you are selling just yet. 

However, you can keep in touch with these customers long after they have left your site by using remarketing. This process can utilise strategically-placed ads that will bring them back to your website when they are ready to make their purchase.

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