What is Influencer Marketing in the Health and Wellness Industry?

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Welcome to our guide to influencer marketing in the health and wellness industry! Here, authenticity meets influence, transforming trust into action. Brands partner with content creators to connect with engaged audiences hungry for advice and recommendations. From fitness gurus to mental health advocates, influencers cover diverse niches, lending credibility and reach. Influencer marketing isn’t just about promotion; it’s about sparking engagement, generating social proof, and gaining insights into consumer behaviours.

Definition and Key Concepts

Influencer marketing in the health and wellness industry involves brands teaming up with social media content creators who’ve earned a loyal following thanks to their expertise, genuine vibe, and knack for connecting with people. These influencers are like trusted friends to their followers, sharing valuable insights and personal stories about health, fitness, nutrition, and overall well-being.

When health and wellness brands join forces with these influencers, they tap into a ready-made, engaged audience that trusts the influencer’s recommendations. This partnership boosts the brand’s credibility and helps them promote their products, services, or initiatives in a more genuine and relatable way than traditional ads. It’s a win-win: influencers get to share cool, relevant products with their followers, and brands reach their target market in an authentic, impactful way.

Types of Health and Wellness Influencers

Health and wellness influencers come from all sorts of backgrounds and niches, including:

  • Fitness experts and personal trainers
  • Nutritionists and dietitians
  • Yoga and meditation practitioners
  • Mental health advocates
  • Lifestyle and wellness bloggers

Each type of influencer offers a unique perspective, helping brands connect with specific health and wellness market segments.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing for Health and Wellness Brands

Influencer marketing offers several key benefits for health and wellness brands aiming to broaden their reach and build solid trust with their target audience. According to a survey by Linqia,  36% of marketers say influencer content outperforms brand-created content.

Reaching New, Targeted Audiences

Influencers already have a loyal fan base keen on health and wellness topics. When wellness brands team up with these influencers, they showcase their products or services to a new, targeted audience. This strategy helps brands grow their customer base, reaching people who might not have discovered their offerings otherwise.

Building Trust and Credibility

Consumers often view influencers as relatable, authentic sources of information. When an influencer endorses a health or wellness product, their followers are likely to trust the recommendation, as it comes from someone they admire and believe in. It’s like getting advice from a trusted friend. This trust rubs off on the brand, making it easier to turn followers into customers.  

Generating Engagement and Social Proof

Influencer-created content tends to generate high levels of engagement, as followers are more likely to interact with and share posts from individuals they follow and trust. This buzz can boost brand awareness, showing potential customers that others are already enjoying and talking about your brand’s products or services. When influencers share their personal experiences with a health or wellness product, it creates powerful social proof that can inspire their followers to try the product themselves.

Gaining Valuable Insights and User-Generated Content

Collaborating with influencers can give health and wellness brands valuable insights into consumer preferences, behaviours, and feedback. By keeping an eye on the engagement and comments on influencer content, brands can learn what resonates with their audience and make data-driven decisions to enhance their products or marketing strategies.

Influencer collaborations often result in top-notch user-generated content (UGC) that brands can reuse across their marketing channels. This authentic content, showcasing real-life experiences, helps build trust and connect with potential customers.

Examples of Successful Health and Wellness Influencer Campaigns

To better understand the impact of influencer marketing in the health and wellness industry, let’s examine some successful campaigns:

Fitness App Collaboration

Fitness app Strava has teamed up with several fitness influencers, including @thefoodmedic and @thebodycoach (Instagram), and running clubs like @koreatownrunclub (TikTok).

These influencers and clubs shared their personal success stories and actively promoted Strava to their followers, showcasing its features and benefits to encourage downloads and sign-ups. The partnerships lead to an increase in app downloads and help Strava become a trusted resource among fitness enthusiasts.


LA runners— join @koreatownrunclub for extra motivation to complete the Strava AAPI Heritage Month Minduful Movement Challenge. Koreatown Run Club hosts free running meetups four times a week to help you work on your running fitness while connecting you to new people and potential running friends. Join the challenge and Koreatown Run Club at the link in our bio. #strava #run #running #runclub #aapi #runtok

♬ original sound – Strava

Skincare Brand Partnership

A skincare brand, The Inkey List, has partnered with numerous beauty and skincare influencers, such as @skinfiltrator, to highlight the effectiveness of their products and share valuable skincare tips.


#ad Skincare before vs after! The newest addition to my skincare routine @theinkeylist #theinkeylist #skincare #q10 #omegawater #hyaluronicacid

♬ r&b loop – Official Sound Studio

These influencers create content featuring The Inkey List’s products, demonstrating their use and sharing personal results.

The skincare brand has also collaborated with influencers like @jacktaylor898, whose content isn’t primarily focused on beauty or skincare.

This particular collaboration aims to provide informative content, boost brand awareness and reach a different audience.

Mental Health Organisation Initiative 

BetterHelp, a leading mental health organisation, partners with various influencers to amplify messages on self-care and destigmatise seeking mental health support. These influencers authentically advocate for prioritising mental well-being and empower their audience to access support when needed. Together, they work towards the brand’s mission to normalise therapy and open conversations about mental health while facilitating connections to essential resources. 

Well-known TikToker @gkbarryThrough frequent collaborations with BetterHelp and sponsored podcast episodes, she effectively extends the reach of mental health discourse to a broad audience., boasting an impressive 3.5 million following, stands out for her genuine and relatable approach.

Through frequent collaborations with BetterHelp and sponsored podcast episodes, she effectively extends the reach of mental health discourse to a broad audience.

HelloFresh Campaign

HelloFresh, a meal delivery service, uses influencer marketing strategies frequently.

With the help of influencer marketing agency IMA, HelloFresh recruited 15 UK-based influencers, led by Davina McCall, to start a three-week HelloFresh journey, aiming to promote healthier habits. These influencers motivated their followers to participate in #RefreshWithHelloFresh—a 21-day initiative designed to cultivate the habit of cooking from scratch using fresh, premium ingredients, accompanied by user-friendly recipes and delightful dishes suitable for all.

This smart approach creates real endorsements, reaches specific audiences effectively, and builds trust to encourage healthy cooking habits and boost brand involvement. Teaming up with an influencer marketing agency also improves campaign performance and broadens its impact.

HelloFresh also operates a robust affiliate partnership program, offering anyone and everyone the opportunity to earn income by promoting the brand. This great word-of-mouth marketing tactic incentivises people to promote the brand cost-effectively.


Influencer marketing in the health and wellness industry isn’t just a trend—it’s a powerful strategy for brands to connect authentically with their audience. From fitness apps to skincare brands, the breakdown of the successful campaigns mentioned in this post has shown how influencers drive engagement, generate trust, and inspire action. As we look forward, it’s clear that influencer partnerships will continue to shape the marketing industry for years to come. 

Check out our marketing podcast, Horizon by Hummingbird, for more insights and advice. We discuss everything from paid advertising to influencer marketing. See what we really think!

Check out our marketing podcast, Horizon by Hummingbird, for more insights and advice. We discuss everything from paid advertising to influencer marketing. See what we really think!

Contact us today to see how we can help your wellness brand with your marketing strategy. See our health and wellness marketing services here!

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