5 Essential Content Ideas for Your Hotel’s Social Media Strategy

Social media is a powerful tool for hotels to attract and engage potential guests. But with so much noise and competition, it can be challenging to stand out and drive actual bookings. That’s where these 5 proven social media content ideas come in. From showcasing stunning visuals to partnerships with content creators, these strategies are […]

Crafting a Winning Social Media Strategy for Travel Brands

Are you struggling to make your travel brand stand out on social media? You’re not alone. With millions of posts vying for attention every day, it can feel like an uphill battle to connect with your target audience and drive meaningful results. But here’s the good news! By developing a clear, targeted social media strategy, […]

Boost Your Website Traffic: SEO Tips  for Wellness Brands

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is crucial for driving traffic to your wellness website. Whether you’re promoting yoga classes, nutritional supplements, or mental health resources, effective SEO strategies can significantly enhance your site’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). By attracting more organic traffic from users actively seeking wellness-related information, you broaden your reach and […]

The Urgent Need for Travel Brands to Master Social Media Influence

Dame Irene Hays recently dropped a bombshell at a major conference: the travel industry is “frighteningly bad” at using social media to influence purchases. Crazy, right? Given how perfect travel content is for social media, it’s wild that industries like fashion, cosmetics, and even dog accessories are leaving travel brands in the dust. But hey, […]

7 Simple Ways to Use Social Media for Maximum Event Exposure

Imagine tripling event exposure without tripling your budget. In 2024, social media is the way to do it!  In just a few easy steps, you can turn your event into a big deal, not just in your town but across the nation.  So whether you’re planning a conference, a charity fundraiser, or a product launch, […]

3 Content Marketing Strategies for Hotels in 2024

The hospitality industry is very cutthroat—we all know that! Competition is rife in such a saturated market. Hotels need to strive to set themselves apart by crafting innovative content marketing strategies that captivate their desired audience in this fiercely competitive industry. Let’s go over three content marketing strategies to transform your hotel’s online presence and […]

Understanding the Influence of Reviews in the Travel Industry

Online reviews significantly influence people’s perceptions and can directly impact business success. The United Airlines Incident is a poignant reminder of the repercussions of mishandling negative feedback. Yet, amidst challenges lie growth opportunities. Let’s explore the significance of review management and provide strategic guidelines for businesses to handle reviews adeptly. From acknowledging feedback promptly to […]

5 Proven Techniques for Maximising ROI in the Wellness Industry

Do you own a business or work in the health and wellness industry? Is your digital marketing strategy in need of a revamp?  Understanding and implementing digital marketing strategies to maximise Return on Investment (ROI) in the wellness industry is a must! It’s about investing in the right tactics that have repeatedly been proven to […]

Your Personal Guide to Travel Influencer Marketing

travel influencer marketing

In this day and age, hooking influencers into your marketing strategy isn’t just brilliant—it’s non-negotiable. Every day, influencers churn out content on multiple social media platforms, reaching millions of people. But approach it wrong; you might be more lost than a rookie backpacker.  This guide explores the intricacies of travel influencer marketing, discovering the dos […]

6 Web Design Mistakes That Are Costing Your Hotel Business

Your hotel’s online presence is your digital lobby—a welcoming space that entices guests to step inside and explore further. Just as a dirty room or a rude receptionist can deter guests from staying at your hotel, web design mistakes can have a similarly negative impact on your hotel’s profitability and reputation. Guests no longer tolerate […]