Visit Isle of Wight

“Visit Isle of Wight” is the official tourist board for the Isle of Wight, a stunning island located off the south coast of England. Established with the goal of promoting the island’s unique attractions, natural beauty, and vibrant tourism industry, Visit Isle of Wight plays a crucial role in attracting visitors from both the UK and around the world. 

How we helped Visit Isle of Wight.

“Visit Isle of Wight” approached us to elevate their brand presence and increase awareness among their target audience. They aimed to drive more traffic to their website and, ultimately, boost visitor engagement that would lead to increased tourism and revenue for the island.

Website Traffic Surge

The display advertising campaign led to a substantial increase in website traffic, with an impressive 55% rise in unique visitors compared to the previous month.

Click-Through Rate Success

The Billboard and MPU ad formats recorded an outstanding click-through rate of 3.8%, significantly surpassing industry benchmarks and indicating the effectiveness of the campaign in driving user engagement.

Return Visitor Conversions

The retargeting efforts showed exceptional results, with a conversion rate of 12% among returning visitors. This showcased the campaign’s ability to persuade users to take action after their initial site visit.

Visitor Engagement

The average time spent on the “Visit Isle of Wight” website increased by 40%, illustrating that the campaign not only drove traffic but also encouraged users to explore the island’s offerings in-depth.

A journey to success.

The display advertising campaign for “Visit Isle of Wight” has been continuously running with us since 2019, with approximately 30 different artwork pieces featured in each monthly campaign. Throughout the campaigns, we observed that the Billboard and MPU (Mid-Page Unit) ad sizes were the most effective, generating the highest engagement and click-through rates.

How we did it.

Our collaboration with “Visit Isle of Wight” began in 2019, where we designed a comprehensive display advertising campaign to achieve their objectives. We initiated the campaign with a combination of high-impact banner ads strategically placed across various networks, aiming for broad reach and extensive visibility. These ads were part of our high-volume and mass coverage Run of Network (RON) campaign, ensuring a wide audience was exposed to the brand.

As the initial phase gained traction, we proceeded with implementing retargeting strategies to make the most out of the traffic directed to the “Visit Isle of Wight” website. By employing different angles of retargeting, we ensured that users who had previously visited the site continued to receive value from the campaign, enticing them to return and consider visiting the Isle of Wight.

Digital Marketing Tip.

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