Ultra Challenge

100,000 or so adventurers have taken on an Ultra Challenge® so far, and the 14 unique events make up the UK’s biggest & best series of treks & trail runs – which have also raised over £40 million for charities.

Ready. Set. Go.

Ultra Challenge meant business when it came to their marketing – they jumped right in with our complete marketing consultancy package to revamp their entire website and user experience. They wanted everyone who’s anyone to get involved in the epic challenges they had to offer, so they aimed to push brand awareness as much as possible via socials to increase engagement and get those events booked!


Social Media Impressions


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Web Design.

How we did it.

We were buzzing to take on this “Ultra Challenge” of our own and couldn’t wait to get our teeth stuck into redesigning their website. We paid close attention to detail in the user experience, ensuring the fun and excitement of the brand shined through.

Once finished, we rolled out a social media and content strategy that would knock anyone’s socks off. This included using Google and Facebook Ads to position their content to their prime audience.

Facebook Ad Tip.

Use videos to increase engagement: Videos tend to generate more engagement than photos or text-based posts. Try creating videos that showcase your products or services, tell your brand’s story, or offer tips and tutorials.

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