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“While financial protection will always remain the heart of the business, strong partnerships with banking and payment service suppliers allow the Trust My Travel of today to provide a wide range of payment solutions to travel businesses of all sizes – from full payment processing, multi-currency pricing and automated payment splitting right through to Mobile Point of Sale.”

Worldwide reach…

Trust My Group wanted to be the “trusted” leader in their space which meant elevating their brand awareness and gaining traction online. They wanted to produce content audiences would engage with, which would offer educational value to convert their audience into clients.


Leads from Paid Social


Google Ads conversion


Traffic from Search Engines

How we did it.

This was a project for our social media wizards, who got straight to developing a social media strategy that included paid ads. Additional paid Google Ads helped to drive eyes to Trust My Group’s content which was looking world-class after the design team gave it spruce. The engagement was maximised with posts increasing by 43% year on year and leads from paid social rising to over 534%!

Instagram Tip.

Jump on trending themes and hashtags: Incorporating popular themes and relevant hashtags into your reels can help increase visibility and reach a wider audience. So, stay up-to-date with the latest trends and make your reels stand out!

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