SM Cricket

“SM Cricket UK is the UK’s official and exclusive supplier and distributor of SM Cricket equipment.”

SM Cricket was taking home the trophy for sure…

SM Cricket had some cracking cricket equipment to shift, but they weren’t getting the traction they deserved via their online routes, so it was time to explore new ways of getting their products in front of the right eyes online – that’s where we could take the bat!


Twitter Impressions

Within the first month, their impression on Twitter had risen from 17k to a whopping 66.8k.


Instagram Impressions

They also made a dent on Instagram, increasing their impression to 6,816 over two weeks.


Social Engagement

Overall, this was a 126% increase in engagement, with their weekly reach across all social platforms increasing to 73.8%.

How we did it.

This was an excellent project for the social media and design team to flex their skills. It involved a complete social media strategy, original content creation and ongoing web development to ensure their site was performing to the highest standard.

Through social media advertising, email marketing and influencer management, we could get everyone cheering for SM Cricket in no time.

Instagram Reels Tip.

Get creative with editing: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different editing techniques like speed changes, cuts, and transitions to make your reels visually interesting and dynamic.

Web Design.

Print Ready Brochure

As well as online, SM Cricket also need a way to showcase their products in a physical way. 

This is where we came in to produce a brochure in print and digital format. 

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