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“Select Car Leasing is one of the UK’s largest independent car and van leasing specialists. Established in 2004, Select Car Leasing has now supplied lease vehicles for over 16 years to thousands of satisfied customers across the UK. Select Car Leasing works closely with manufacturers and large motor groups. It keeps finance partners offering some of the most competitive leasing rates in the market, ensuring our customers come back to us repeatedly.”

A driving force…

Select wanted us to add a lease of life to their current brand and get their target clients aware of who they are. It was all about driving traffic to their website and increasing visitor engagement that would convert to sales.


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How we did it.

We first took the driver’s seat in 2017, where we began with running banner ads for Select Car Leasing through our high volume/mass coverage Run of Network (RON) campaign. Once this gained the proper traction, we combined this with different angles of retargeting to get the most out of SCL’s traffic. This meant those who had already visited their site were still getting value from their campaigns and were encouraged to return.

Select Car Leasing has been running approximately 30 pieces of artwork per monthly campaign with us since 2018. The Billboard & MPU sizes have been the most effective. Here are some examples from their March’22 campaign:

Digital Marketing Tip.

Think about starting a blog. If you’re in a very competitive industry you need to think about a content strategy that will drive results. It will help you get found but it will also give you something to share on your social channels.

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