Oxford Charcoal

“At the Oxford Charcoal Company, they started crafting organic, gourmet charcoal in 2013. They do it in small batches to give the customers the best BBQ experience possible. Easy to light and ready to use in just 15 minutes, the charcoal adds superb flavours to your cooking using various kinds of wood.”

How we helped them.

The Oxford Charcoal Company approached us because they wanted to redesign their website and improve the overall user experience. Better user experience = better sales! They also wanted to explore integrating their web sales into Xero to save the company time and figure out how to sell on Google Shopping.


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Web Design.

How we did it.

Unlike many clients we help, Oxford Charcoal’s social media already had a fair amount of content with a good follower count across different pages. This made it a doddle for our social team to create a strategy to get even more engagement and traffic on their social platforms.

This, in turn, helped us achieve better PPC conversions, increased brand loyalty and got people talking!

On top of this, our design team redesigned their website to match its updated aesthetic and ensured all integrations were working smoothly. With the addition of their brand-new Google Shopping page, the sales were soon on fire!

WordPress Tip.

Take advantage of the responsive design options: Elementor allows you to customize the layout and design of your website for different screen sizes, such as desktop, tablet, and mobile. This is important for ensuring that your website looks great and functions well on all devices.

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