Montagu Arms Hotel

A spa hotel with heritage at the heart. Find great food, space to breathe and a home of relaxation.

How we helped The Montagu Arms Hotel.

Nestled in the picturesque New Forest, Montagu Arms Hotel stands as a testament to timeless luxury and age-old tradition. With its rich tapestry of history interwoven with a commitment to unparalleled service, it has always been the preferred retreat for those seeking an exquisite escape.


 increase in occupancy rates.


Expansion in the mailing list.


in additional revenue without increasing media spend.

The Challenge:

Despite its esteemed reputation, Montagu Arms Hotel faced several challenges in the digital age:

Seasonal Slumps:

The hotel grappled with fluctuating occupancy rates, especially during off-peak seasons.

Digital Outreach:

Their mailing list growth had plateaued, indicating a potential gap in reaching new clientele.

Budgetary Constraints:

While they had a set media budget, maximizing returns from it was proving to be a challenge.

Content Curation:

We showcased the hotel’s rich heritage, its luxurious offerings, and the unique experiences it offers, making it irresistible for potential guests.

Targeted Promotions:

Leveraging data analytics, we identified off-peak lulls and launched timely promotions, enticing travelers to take advantage of exclusive deals.

Engagement Tactics:

Through interactive content, polls, and user-generated content campaigns, we not only engaged the existing community but also attracted new followers, leading to a surge in the mailing list. 

Optimized Ad Spend:

By continuously monitoring campaign performance and adjusting strategies in real-time, we ensured every penny of the media budget delivered maximum impact. 

By addressing each pain point with a tailored solution, we transformed Montagu Arms Hotel’s digital presence, turning challenges into opportunities for growth.