Clear Networks

“Clear Networks are a longstanding provider of IT and communications solutions and support for business across the UK. The Clear Networks team is passionate about delivering only the highest quality IT solutions to help them stand out in a highly saturated market.”

How we helped them.

The goal of Clear Networks was to create a low-cost, simple yet professional-looking website. They wanted to highlight their appeal to their dream clients: their experience, knowledge, flexibility, high tech, ease of use, and peace of mind backup for any business’s IT and Telecoms requirements.

Web Design.

How we did it.

They had a modest budget to play around with, and we leapt into action to get their desired result. Our design team got creative with a complete rebranding that included a new logo and web design – we produced ten symbols in total for the client to choose from and showed how they would filter through the website’s unique structure.

We used a template WordPress design to redevelop their site and make it as appealing and user-friendly as possible. We chose a one-page website that was well structured, responsive, and a mobile-first experience.

They now have a solid digital platform on which they can roll out future services; their branding is simple yet compelling and sophisticated, which helps them stand out in an ever-growing market.

WordPress Tip.

Take advantage of the responsive design options: Elementor allows you to customize the layout and design of your website for different screen sizes, such as desktop, tablet, and mobile. This is important for ensuring that your website looks great and functions well on all devices.

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