Careys Manor Hotel & Spa

A spa hotel with heritage at the heart. Find great food, space to breathe and a home of relaxation.

How we helped Careys Manor & Senspa.

Careys Manor Hotel & Spa, a luxury hotel located in the picturesque New Forest, partnered with Hummingbird, a leading digital marketing agency, to enhance their online presence and drive business growth. This case study highlights the strategies and tactics employed by Hummingbird to manage social media, paid social & PPC, develop newsletters, and incorporate videography, resulting in significant growth, increased followers, and improved website traffic for Careys Manor Hotel & Spa.


Facebook Followers

Facebook followers increased by 35% within the first six months of the partnership


Instagram Followers

The number of Instagram followers experienced a remarkable surge, increasing by an impressive 50% within the span of the inaugural year.


Social Media Engagement

Increased social media engagement, with post likes, comments, and shares doubling within the first quarter.

Managing Social Media

Hummingbird developed a comprehensive social media strategy for Careys Manor Hotel & Spa, focusing on enhancing brand visibility, engaging with the target audience, and promoting the hotel’s unique offerings. Key activities included: 

Content Creation:

Hummingbird created visually appealing and engaging content, including high-quality images and videos, highlighting the hotel’s amenities, events, and local attractions.

Platform Selection and Optimization:

The agency identified the most relevant social media platforms for the hotel, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Hummingbird optimized the profiles, ensuring consistent branding and compelling descriptions. 

Regular Posting and Community Management:

Hummingbird maintained an active presence on social media platforms, posting regularly to keep the audience informed about promotions, events, and offers. They actively engaged with followers, responding to queries and comments promptly.


Managing Paid Social & PPC

To further expand Careys Manor Hotel & Spa’s reach and drive targeted traffic, Hummingbird implemented paid social media advertising and PPC campaigns. The key strategies employed included:

Targeted Ad Campaigns:

Hummingbird created highly targeted ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, utilizing demographic filters, interests, and location targeting to reach potential customers interested in luxury travel and spa experiences.

Ad Optimization and A/B Testing:

The agency continuously monitored and optimized ad campaigns, conducting A/B tests to refine messaging, visuals, and targeting for better performance.


Newsletter Development

Hummingbird implemented an email newsletter strategy to engage with existing customers, nurture leads, and encourage repeat bookings. Key tactics included:

Compelling Content Creation:

The agency developed visually appealing newsletters with personalized content, including exclusive offers, upcoming events, and highlights from the hotel.

List Segmentation and Automation:

Hummingbird segmented the hotel’s email list based on customer preferences and behavior, enabling targeted messaging. They also automated email campaigns to ensure regular communication with subscribers.



Hummingbird leveraged the power of videography to showcase the unique experiences offered by Careys Manor Hotel & Spa. The videography strategy included:

Capturing Engaging Visuals:

Hummingbird produced high-quality videos highlighting the hotel’s facilities, spa treatments, dining experiences, and surrounding natural beauty.

Utilizing Video Across Channels:

The agency strategically distributed the videos on social media platforms, the hotel’s website, and email newsletters to maximize reach and engagement.