Aircraft Home

“Aircraft Home designs products to suit how we want to clean today – quickly and effortlessly. Their mantra is that your home appliances should work brilliantly, be a pleasure to use, and look beautiful in your home.”

We cleaned up good…

Aircraft wanted to knock the competition out of the park. They wanted to increase direct sales by cutting out Amazon & Lakeland to make their products the hottest on the market. This was going to be no easy task, but we love a challenge!


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How we did it.

The campaign’s goal was to increase sales of the PowerGlide Hard Floor Cleaner. We’d never run these ads before, so we had to pull our socks up, whip out a bucket load of creativity and get to work.

We focused on the audience’s critical messaging and the need to ensure a solid ROI for Aircraft. We analysed competitor products, got an understanding of what audiences were interacting with and put together a content strategy that would have people desperate to buy.

Instagram Reels Tip.

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