Top 7 TikTok Marketing Strategies for Health and Wellness Brands

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Succeeding through TikTok marketing in 2024?

It’s not just about jumping on the latest trend. TikTok presents a unique opportunity for health and wellness brands to educate, engage, and inspire their audience.

With over 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok has become a dynamic platform for brands looking to connect with younger generations. But how can you stand out from all the dance challenges and lip-sync videos? 

Here are seven proven TikTok marketing strategies tailored specifically for health and wellness brands. From creating educational content that showcases your expertise to partnering with content creators for authentic product promotions, you’ll learn how to leverage the power of TikTok to boost your brand’s reach, engagement, and sales. 

Let’s get started.

1. Create Educational Content That Showcases Your Expertise

TikTok is now like Google! Have a question or want to learn about something? TikTok it. As a wellness brand, you want to ensure the educational content is already there, waiting to be seen. 

Health and wellness brands can effectively engage their TikTok audience by sharing valuable, educational content demonstrating their expertise in the field. By providing quick tips, facts, and insights related to your niche, you can establish your brand as a trusted source of information. This will help attract followers interested in learning more about health and wellness topics.

To create compelling educational content, consider collaborating with content creators or other experts in your industry. These partnerships can help you develop informative videos that resonate with your target audience and provide them with great advice.

Tip: When creating educational content, be sure to use trending hashtags relevant to your niche to increase the visibility of your videos and reach a wider audience.

Educational Content with FreeSoul 

FreeSoul, a nutrition brand, has collaborated with industry experts such as Dr Frankie Jackson-Spence (@drfrankiejs on TikTok) to discuss topics like the gender health gap with its community. This partnership enhances FreeSoul’s credibility and helps build trust among potential customers-  A great way to level up their TikTok marketing strategy.


Men and women are so different when it comes to their nutritional needs, but it doesn’t stop there. There’s a huge difference in our treatment pathways and research too. We loved having @Dr Frankie Jackson-Spence talk to our community about the Gender Health Gap recently! Stay tuned for more incredible conversations…

♬ Good Days – Yenibi

2. Incorporate User-Generated Content into Your TikTok Marketing Strategy

User-generated content (UGC) is a powerful tool for health and wellness brands looking to build trust and authenticity on TikTok. By encouraging customers to share their experiences with your products or services, you can showcase real-life examples of how your brand positively impacts people’s lives.

To use UGC effectively, actively encourage your customers to create and share TikTok videos featuring your products or services. You can then repost and feature this content on your own TikTok profile, giving your followers a genuine and relatable perspective on your brand. To incentivise user participation, consider running challenges or contests that reward customers for creating and sharing content related to your brand. 

Generating User-Generated Content – Youth to the People 

Skincare brand Youth To The People incentivised its customers on TikTok by offering a product giveaway. Participants were encouraged to create videos using the brand’s audio for a “GRWM” (Get Ready With Me), skincare routine, or makeup prep video. This promotion encouraged users to share videos of themselves using Youth to the People’s products and discussing their skincare journey. – another simple yet effective way to improve your TikTok marketing strategy! 


Use our audio for a GRWM, a skincare routine, or even your make up prep and at the end of the month, we’ll select some winners for a Superfood Family giveaway. We want to see you get your drip on! #youthtothepeople #yttppartner

♬ original sound – Youth To The People

3. Develop a Consistent Brand Identity

Like any platform or marketing channel, health and wellness brands must develop a consistent brand image across all their content to create a strong and recognisable presence on TikTok. This means ensuring your TikTok videos align with your brand identity by using consistent colours, fonts, and themes throughout your content.

One effective way to establish a consistent brand presence on TikTok is by creating a recognisable intro or outro for your videos. This can be a short animation, jingle, or tagline that appears at the beginning or end of each video, helping viewers immediately associate the content with your brand. By maintaining a consistent brand voice and aesthetic, you can build a loyal following on TikTok and make your content more memorable and shareable.

Tips for Maintaining a Consistent Brand Voice and Aesthetic on TikTok

  • Develop a brand style guide for your TikTok content, outlining the colours, fonts, and tone of voice for all videos.
  • Create a library of brand assets, such as logos, graphics, and sound effects, that can be easily incorporated into your TikTok content.
  • Review your TikTok content regularly to ensure it aligns with your brand guidelines and makes a cohesive and consistent impression on viewers.

4. Product Demonstrations and Tutorials

Creating short, engaging videos highlighting your wellness product’s features and benefits is a powerful way to capture your audience’s attention on TikTok. By demonstrating how to use your products effectively, you can educate potential customers and address their common questions or concerns.

When creating product demonstrations, focus on your product’s key benefits and unique selling points. Keep the videos concise and visually appealing, using clear, easy-to-follow instructions if necessary. Creative and aesthetic unboxing videos also go down a treat. 


Bulk has teamed up with British Olympic athlete Laviai Neilson to show how she incorporates Bulk products into her daily regimen, highlighting their real-life benefits. Alternatively, more in-depth demos, like the one by skincare brand Glow Recipe, clearly demonstrate product use and highlight their perks. Both types of demos give you a clear look at what the products can do for you.


The Olympian Juice: Strong Girl Mocktail 💪 🏅 @Laviai 🏃🏽‍♀️ TeamBulk™️ #Athletics

♬ original sound – Bulk™

Tips for Effective Product Demonstrations

6 Tips for Product Demonstration Videos

5. Partner with TikTok Creators

Collaborating with TikTok Creators whose audience aligns with your target market can significantly boost your product’s visibility and credibility. Creator partnerships allow you to tap into their engaged following and leverage their expertise to promote your wellness products.

When selecting creators to work with, consider their niche, engagement rates, and overall brand alignment. Look for creators with a genuine interest in health, wellness and lifestyle who can authentically showcase your products to their followers.

Partnership Ideas

  • Product reviews: Have Creators create honest, in-depth reviews of your products, highlighting their experiences and opinions.
  • Exclusive discount codes: Offer Creators unique discount codes to share with their followers, incentivising purchases and tracking the partnership’s success.
  • Challenges: Collaborate with creators to create branded challenges encouraging their followers to engage with your products and share their experiences.

6. Time to TikTok Shop

TikTok’s shopping features allow brands to create a seamless purchasing experience for their audience directly within the app. Setting up a TikTok Shop and linking your products in your videos makes it easy for viewers to discover and purchase your wellness products without leaving the platform.

To maximise the effectiveness of TikTok’s shopping features, ensure that your product listings are optimised with clear descriptions, high-quality images, and competitive pricing. Regularly update your shop with new products and promotions to keep your audience engaged and encourage repeat purchases.

Even well-known brands like RESCUE Remedy are moving to TikTok Shop. Its products were launched on TikTok Shop at the beginning of June.

RESCUE Remedy – TikTok Shop

Tips for Optimising Your TikTok Shop

  • Use clear, concise product titles and descriptions
  • Include high-quality product images and videos
  • Offer competitive pricing and promotions
  • Provide excellent customer service and support
  • Regularly analyse your shop’s performance and make data-driven improvements

7. Host a TikTok Live

TikTok’s live streaming feature provides an excellent opportunity to engage with your audience in real time. It allows you to answer any questions and generate excitement around new product launches. By hosting a TikTok live, you can build trust and credibility with your followers while addressing their concerns and gathering valuable feedback.

Novomins, a supplement brand, frequently hosts TikTok live sessions to address questions about their products. These events are scheduled ahead of time, allowing followers to know when to tune in. A convenient feature for followers is the ability to purchase products directly during the live session without leaving the app, making the buying process seamless and straightforward. Sounds easy enough. 

Novomins – TikTok Live Events

When planning a live or product launch, promote the event in advance across your social media channels and email list. Prepare a list of frequently asked questions and talking points to ensure a smooth and informative session. Encourage viewers to ask questions and interact with your brand throughout the livestream.

Tips for Successful Live Sessions

  • Choose a time that aligns with your target audience’s availability
  • Test your audio and video setup before going live
  • If you can, have a moderator to manage comments and questions
  • Offer exclusive discounts or promotions for livestream attendees
  • Follow up with viewers after the event to nurture leads and gather feedback


TikTok’s engaging format and vast user base make it a powerful tool for health and wellness brands looking to connect with their target audience. By implementing these creative TikTok marketing ideas, health and wellness brands can effectively showcase their products and services, engage with their target audience, and drive sales on the platform. Remember to consistently create valuable, informative content that resonates with your audience and aligns with your brand’s mission and values. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different video formats and styles to find what performs best.

How will you incorporate these winning TikTok marketing ideas into your strategy?

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