Common Event Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Organising a successful event is a complex task; even the most experienced marketers can stumble along the way. Whether planning a corporate conference, a music festival, or a product launch, avoiding common pitfalls can make the difference between an event that’s unforgettable for all the right reasons and one that’s memorable for the wrong ones. […]

The Easiest Way to Master TikTok in 7 Steps

Want to boost your TikTok engagement and become a master in just seven steps? You’re in the right place. This guide will show you exactly how to create captivating content, crack the TikTok algorithm, and grow your following.  We’ll cover everything from crafting snappy videos to leveraging trends and collaborating with other creators.  So grab […]

5 Essential Content Ideas for Your Hotel’s Social Media Strategy

Social media is a powerful tool for hotels to attract and engage potential guests. But with so much noise and competition, it can be challenging to stand out and drive actual bookings. That’s where these 5 proven social media content ideas come in. From showcasing stunning visuals to partnerships with content creators, these strategies are […]

Enhance Your Health and Wellness Campaigns with Seasonal Marketing

Seasonal marketing is pivotal in the wellness industry, where consumer needs and preferences shift as quickly as the seasons themselves. Businesses can effectively engage their audience and drive significant ROI by strategically aligning campaigns with seasonal trends. This approach enhances brand visibility and builds stronger consumer connections through timely and relevant messaging. In this blog […]

3 Reasons Your Brand Needs a Marketing Agency Partnership

Handling all your marketing in-house is like building a house with just a hammer and a saw. You can get the job done, but it will require a lot more time and effort – unless you have a big marketing team! But if you’re an SME and can’t afford the salaries of an entire marketing […]

Crafting a Winning Social Media Strategy for Travel Brands

Are you struggling to make your travel brand stand out on social media? You’re not alone. With millions of posts vying for attention every day, it can feel like an uphill battle to connect with your target audience and drive meaningful results. But here’s the good news! By developing a clear, targeted social media strategy, […]

Boost Your Website Traffic: SEO Tips  for Wellness Brands

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is crucial for driving traffic to your wellness website. Whether you’re promoting yoga classes, nutritional supplements, or mental health resources, effective SEO strategies can significantly enhance your site’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). By attracting more organic traffic from users actively seeking wellness-related information, you broaden your reach and […]

The Basics of Instagram Marketing in Hospitality

You probably already know that Instagram is where it’s at. Whether you’re scrolling for travel inspo or snapping pics of your brunch, this platform is the ultimate playground for visual storytelling. But how can hotels and restaurants make the most out of it? Here are the basics of Instagram marketing to turn those double-taps into […]

Top 7 TikTok Marketing Strategies for Health and Wellness Brands

Succeeding through TikTok marketing in 2024? It’s not just about jumping on the latest trend. TikTok presents a unique opportunity for health and wellness brands to educate, engage, and inspire their audience. With over 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok has become a dynamic platform for brands looking to connect with younger generations. But how […]

7 Simple Ways to Use Social Media for Maximum Event Exposure

Imagine tripling event exposure without tripling your budget. In 2024, social media is the way to do it!  In just a few easy steps, you can turn your event into a big deal, not just in your town but across the nation.  So whether you’re planning a conference, a charity fundraiser, or a product launch, […]