Hummingbird digital: Our results

Hummingbird digital: Our results




POZU is a renowned footwear brand dedicated to creating sustainable and ethically made shoes. With a focus on comfort, style, and eco-friendly practices, POZU aims to offer high-quality footwear that supports a sustainable lifestyle.



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The Challenge

POZU sought to enhance their digital presence and drive sales while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Their objectives included significantly increasing their social media following, achieving a high return on ad spend (ROAS), and ensuring a low cost per sale. To meet these goals, we implemented a comprehensive digital marketing approach focusing on organic social media growth, PPC, and paid social media strategies:

Organic Social Media Growth

Developed a content strategy focused on sustainability, product highlights, and customer stories. 📅✨

PPC Campaigns

Launched targeted pay-per-click campaigns on search engines to attract potential customers searching for sustainable footwear. 🔍

Paid Social Media Campaigns

Created compelling ads on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to reach a wider audience. 📱

The Results

Through strategic use of organic social media, PPC, and paid social media, we successfully boosted POZU’s social media following and sales. The significant increase in followers, high ROAS, and low cost per sale highlight the effectiveness of our tailored digital marketing approach. POZU is now better positioned to continue growing its brand and promoting sustainable footwear to a broader audience.

30k New Social Media Followers

Our engaging content and active community management led to a substantial increase of 30k new followers, enhancing POZU’s online presence. 📊

£6 Cost Per Sale

By targeting the right audience and optimising our campaigns, we achieved a cost-effective £6 per sale. 🛒

7.4x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Our efficient ad spend and high conversion rates resulted in an impressive 7.4x ROAS, demonstrating the success of our strategy. 💰

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