Hummingbird digital: Our results

Hummingbird digital: Our results

Olympic Holidays

Olympic Holidays


Olympic Holidays, a trusted name in curated travel experiences, has been the architect of unforgettable journeys for travelers worldwide. With a portfolio spanning sun-kissed beaches to historic cityscapes, they’ve crafted memories for countless wanderlust souls.


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The Challenge

We rolled out a social media and content strategy that would knock anyone’s socks off. This included using Google and Facebook Ads to position their content to their prime audience.

Brand Voice:

Ensuring a consistent and recognisable brand voice across various campaigns and platforms was crucial.

Digital Visibility:

Olympic grappled with the consitency of social media visibility.

Conversion Challenge:

While they had a set media budget, maximising returns from it was proving to be a challenge.

Some of our work...

The Results

See how we helped Olympic Holidays.

Authentic Storytelling:

Through organic content, we showcased genuine traveler experiences, painting vivid pictures of destinations and the unique experiences Olympic Holidays offers.

Targeted Campaigns:

Our paid social campaigns were laser-focused, targeting demographics most likely to convert. By highlighting limited-time offers, we created a sense of urgency.

User-Generated Content (UGC):

We encouraged travelers to share their Olympic Holidays experiences, creating a ripple effect of trust and aspiration among potential customers.

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