Hummingbird digital: Our results

Hummingbird digital: Our results




Welcome to Aquacadabra! Offering over 6,000 products with FREE UK SHIPPING for Coldwater, Tropical, and Marine fish tanks and accessories – all at great low prices. Aquacadabra is a go-to destination for all fish enthusiasts, providing an extensive range of high-quality products.



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The Challenge

Aquacadabra sought to enhance their online presence, attract more followers, and boost sales through effective digital marketing strategies. Their goal was to significantly increase their social media following, achieve a high return on ad spend (ROAS), and drive sales cost-effectively.

Paid Social Media Campaigns

Developed targeted ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to reach potential customers. 📱 Optimised ad spend to ensure maximum efficiency and high ROAS. 📈

Organic Social Media Growth

Created a consistent posting schedule with engaging content tailored to fish enthusiasts. 🐠 Utilised hashtags and interacted with the community to increase visibility and engagement. 💬

Video & Meme Content:

Produced captivating video content showcasing products, tips for fish care, and customer testimonials. 🎥 Created shareable meme content to increase engagement and foster a sense of community. 😂

The Results

Through strategic use of organic and paid social media, along with engaging video and meme content, we successfully boosted Aquacadabra’s online presence and sales. The impressive increase in followers, high ROAS, and cost-effective sales highlight the effectiveness of our tailored approach. Aquacadabra is now better positioned to continue growing their brand and reaching more fish enthusiasts across the UK.

4k New Social Media Followers

Our engaging content and community interaction strategies led to a significant increase in followers. 📊

39x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Optimised paid social campaigns resulted in an outstanding 39x ROAS, demonstrating the efficiency of our ad spend. 💰

£4.76 Cost Per Sale

By targeting the right audience and utilising engaging content, we achieved a cost-effective £4.76 per sale. 🛒

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